CPR Equipment Options

It is a fact that teaching CPR requires the purchase of specialized training equipment. It is also a fact that there are a host of vendors who sell CPR training equipment. So all of our instructor class answer CPR training equipment questions in detail but for now...

CPR Equipment Fees

BLS and Heartsaver instructors will find it worth investing in their own equipment. ACLS and PALS instructors will need to explore how they will cover the higher startup costs of ACLS and PALS training equipment. Take a look at our most common equipment needs assessment forms to better understand your CPR training equipment needs:

CPR Fees

The CPR Training Company strives to keep our fees as low as possible while maximizing the benefits we offer our instructors. Many times our affiliation fee is paid for by an employer but if not, the instructor will need to factor this fee into their decision to affiliate with the CPR Training Company. Our affiliation fee and card fees help us offset our administration costs and allow us to invest in developing new benefits for our instructors. The great news is our instructor class fee includes the affiliation fee for the first two years! 

  • Affiliation Fee* - $195/discipline (renewed every two years), this fee may be waived for high volume instructors
  • Card Fees - Vary by discipline and volume, cards are ordered at our online store 24/7.

*Subject to change without notice