Steps to Becoming an AHA Instructor at the CPR Training CompanyCPR Instructor Development Steps

We expect each instructor candidate will be 100% self-motivated, desire to become a model instructor, and be morally/ethically straight in all dealings. Our instructor development process is intentionally designed to be driven by the instructor candidate. The CPR Training Company will not enable candidates by waving deadlines, sending requests for missing items, etc.. If you are ready to own your destiny consider partnering with the CPR Training Company.

  1. Enroll in one of our AHA Instructor Classes (SEE DATES) or work with us in our Train the Trainer program Program
  2. While waiting for the instructor class date to roll around you'll need separately purchase and successfully complete the discipline-specific INSTRUCTOR ESSENTIALS ONLINE COURSE
  3. Successfully complete the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course or steps in our Train the Trainer program
  4. Successfully be monitored teaching your first class and complete all other instructor development steps within six (6) months of the date found on your instructor essentials certificate