Virtual Training Options for AHA Provider Courses during COVID-19

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In early 2020 and again in December 2020, the American Heart Association released COVID-19 interim guidance expanding virtual training options, allowing the CPR Training Company to develop and conduct virtual AHA classes.

As a result of the interim guidance, we designed an online option that uses the AHA’s classroom videos, written tests, and other American Heart Association content and hosted it all on a secure learning management system.

We also followed the AHA’s HeartCode process and required completing a live, instructor-led Zoom skill session because quality matters to us. The end goal is that we offer a COVID safe, high-quality, cost-effective, streamlined option to complete your American Heart Association training during the COVID pandemic.

Updated Interim Guidance

Virtual Training Requirements

Exams & Hands-on Skill Assessment

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To get started, register for one of our AHA BLS, ACLS, or PALS Blended Learning Skill Session. For your convenience, our blended learning skill sessions occur in-person or over Zoom from the comfort of, well, anywhere in the world.

After registering for the session, your registration email will include access to directions to the online classroom content and zoom link.  Simply complete our virtual AHA classroom content before your blended learning skill session, print out your online segment completion certificate, and bring it with you to your blended learning skill session.

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Virtual AHA PALS Options Arrive January 2021!

Skill assessment and validation are required to obtain an AHA certification. Exactly how you acquire CPR manikin(s) for the skills practice and testing is up to you and your budget. You can directly Purchase Your Adult ManikinPurchase Your Adult Manikin and Infant ManikinInfant Manikin, you can add the manikin to your registration payment, or you can bum one from your friend who's already taken this class.

The Virtual Classroom experience supports AHA BLS, ACLS, PALS, and workforce CPR training. Plus, our virtual AHA option easily scales to meet both small and large organizations.