CPR Instructor Class

cpr instructor course

Expanding Your Skills

The CPR Training Company is always on the lookout for highly motivated individuals who are interested in becoming a CPR instructor or who are looking to become a First Aid, BLS, ACLS, or PALS instructor. If you enjoy making it easy for others to understand complex concepts, would like to expand your CPR knowledge, or are looking to grow a side business, you may be a perfect candidate. The CPR Training Company is accepting new instructors so get started today.

  • Heartsaver Instructor
  • BLS Instructor
  • ACLS Instructor*
  • PALS Instructor*

*Training Satellite Agreement Required

Steps to Success

  1. Purchase and successfully complete the discipline-specific Instructor Essentials Online Course
  2. Enroll in one of our AHA Instructor Classes
  3. Successfully be monitored, by our Training Center Faculty, teaching a classroom session within 6 months of completing the hands-on session of your Instructor Essentials Course (TC Coordinators may require additional monitoring if needed)

The fine print. You must have a current AHA card in the discipline you want to teach (CTC requires at least six months left on your current provider card). You must be proficient in all the skills of the discipline you want to teach.

Purchase Essentials Course 
								Purchase Essentials Course

CPR Instructor Planning

  • Complete all instructor updates required by the oversight bodies (i.e. AHA) and CTC
  • Teach at least four classes every two years
  • Maintain your provider status
  • Annual affiliation fee*

Instructors are responsible for developing and teaching their own classes. We warmly welcome instructors who will teach for employers or who want to build a small training business.

*Your instructor class fee includes the affiliation fee for the year, a $95 value.

The CPR Training Company strives to keep our fees as low as possible while maximizing the benefits we offer our instructors. As always, fees are subject to change without notice. As you consider becoming an instructor, it is wise to factor in the following costs. 

  • Instructor Class Fees – Onetime fee, includes digital instructor manual
  • Annual Affiliation Fee – Annual per discipline fee
  • Equipment costs (manikins, etc.)
  • Card Fees - Vary by discipline and volume, cards are ordered at our online store 24/7 and must be issued to each learner who passes your CPR class

CPR Instructor Class

The CPR Training Company can develop you into a CPR Instructor through our American Heart Association instructor development process. From First Aid instructor classes to CPR instructor classes, becoming a CPR instructor has never been easier.

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