HeartCode Steps

Step 1 – Purchase & Access Online Segment
Step 2 – Complete Online Segment
Step 3 – Complete Hands on Skill Session
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HeartCode Information

What is HeartCode? In some cases CPR training may be a time and logistical challenge for healthcare providers and organizations. HeartCode is a blended online learning platform from the AHA which offers options for both basic and advanced resuscitation training options for learners facing time and logistical challenges.  Learner competency is assessed with the combination of online learning and with a hands-on CPR skills session. Plus HeartCode is accessible by both initial and renewal learners.  Just like their classroom counterparts, there are three HeartCode courses – HeartCode BLS, HeartCode ACLS, and HeartCode PALS.

Learners will start by purchasing and accessing the HeartCode online segment of their choice. All online HeartCode segments are accessed at www.onlineaha.org. Sometimes the training provider may include the cost of the online segment in the skill session fee while others times the learner is responsible for the cost of the online segment. It’s important for the learner to understand what the course fee covers and to start this process with at least 60 days remaining before they need to complete all steps.

The online segment is self-paced, can be completed on any internet enable PC device (Mac iPoducts lack required Java software) and allows for breaks in learning. The online segment includes the same videos and written tests found in the classroom version. Learners must successfully complete the online segment before coming to the hands on skill session. It’s important for the learner to recognize the online segment takes time. On average:

  • HeartCode BLS  - 90 total minuets
  • HeartCode ACLS – 4-10 total hours
  • HeartCode PALS – 6-12 total hours

Learners register and attend a hands-on skills session, with an AHA Instructor, to ensure the learned online knowledge is transferred into actual skills competency. There is a cost for the hands on session. For admission into a hands-on skills session, students must present their Certificate of Completion for the online portion of the course to the AHA Instructor. (Find and print your certificateFind and print your certificate). It is highly recommended HeartCode learners complete their hands-on skills session within 60 days of completing the online portion of their course.

An official AHA course completion eCard will be issued once the learners completed the online and instructor led segments. Learners should ask their instructor when an eCard will be issued but generally an eCard is issued within 24 hours or less to the email used during the skill registration process.

Still have questions? Please consult the AHA’s FAQ websiteAHA’s FAQ website for specific questions.