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The CPR Training Company is here to help you! From questions about CPR class options to how to submit payment and more.

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We like payment via a check and tolerate PayPal payments because PayPal accepts all major credit cards. However if your company prohibits you from making payments via PayPal, please contact our office to request a different payment processor option (or just send a check).

Past due to us means not more than past the invoice due date or 7 business days if the invoice is due on receipt. Due dates apply even if your company policy says something different (unless we have a signed contract that defines a different payment term).

Please note past due invoices will be charged $35 per month, every month overdue or 5% of the balance (whichever is greater) each month past due. We also may choose to submit a nonpayment notice to any of the three major credit agencies after 60 days overdue. Also don't bounce your check because a $45 fee is charged for all returned checks.

We totally understand things happen to even the best of people. So rescheduling is option at the CPR Training Company. 

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Our class policy covers everything from rescheduling guidelines to how we communicate urgent changes.

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We use TeamViewer remote support software to connect securely to our instructors’ and clients’ computers as though we’re sitting in front of their computer(s).

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