What items do I need to bring to a HeartCode skill session?

HeartCode certificate exampleUse this handy list of items to bring to your CPR Training Company HeartCode skill session:

Skill Session Check List

  1. Print out your online course completion certificate (see image to right)
  2. Bring the hard copy of your online course completion certificate with you
  3. Bring any questions you have with you for the instructor to answer
  4. Relax...the hard part is done and you're ready to show off your skills


Where can I purchase AHA materials and textbooks?

There were three main vendors for AHA materials but now you can simply go to the AHA  - https://shopcpr.heart.org/courses

What tips can you offer to help me pass the HeartCode segment?

While the online American Heart HeartCode option offers top-notch learning on any internet enabled computer, there are a few things worth noting before you start your course. This tips and tricks list is intended to set the learner up for success...


  • My internet connection is cable/DSL connection (or higher)
  • I have at least Windows 2000 or later
  • I have Internet Explorer 8 or higher (HeartCode & Learn Courses will not run on Safari)
  • I've tested my Adobe Flash and have at least FLASH 10 or higher – Click here to test your system.
  • I have speakers/headphones to use (they are needed for online videos)


Considering where you take your online course is just as important as having the right technology. Please make sure you seriously consider the following when planning where and when you will complete the online content:

  • The number one reason learners fail – the learning environment is too distracting. Most learners need a quite location...do not attempt these courses on a computer that is located in busy work environment.
  • When taking the written test you must be in a quiet place that will not be interrupted.
  • Plan your time wisely. Don't wait till the last minute to start your course because there are very rare times when this technology fails to met your desired timeline.
  • Complete all the content (even the optional). Some test questions may cover the optional content.


HeartCode BLS

HeartCode BLS Online Segment (takes about 90 total minutes)

  1. Complete all the course content (even the optional) as doing so will help you pass the test
  2. You must complete the course evaluation before you can obtain your online course completion certificate

HeartCode ACLS and PALS Online Segment (takes about 6-10 total hours)heartcode acls

  • Learning two topics. Unless you have taken the course online before, recognize that you will be learning two topics – how to use the online system (where certian action buttons are) and the course content (i.e. ACLS & PALS). The course will get easier as you learn where things are located in the course.
  • Learn to fail. Its ok to fail a case. When you fail you will get a check list of correct AND incorrect actions, read them and make corrections on the next try. You will learn by missing things but that can be frustrating for some learners. But don't worry the system is not reporting how many times it takes you to pass a case, only that you passed!
  • Learn to become one with the pause button! Each case will be timed and require you to act in a certain amount of time. Pushing the pause button gives you time to think about what you want to do and where that action item is located in the menu system.HeartCode PALS
  • Use the code clock. The code clock will alert you to critical time points (flashing red). You will still need to know what actions to take but at least the clock will help you be alert to when an action needs to happen.
  • Complete the course evaluation. You must complete the evaluation before you can obtain your online course completion certificate 

HeartCode, while a great tool to help meet AHA training goals, is not meant for everyone. The HeartCode option generally costs more but it offers a convenience factor. That’s why we also offer good old fashion classes as well. So check out our upcoming AHA class calendar to find an option that works best for you.

How do I access my eBook?

Follow these simple steps to activate an AHA eBook Access Code. Please note the CPR Training Company is not able to offer support for AHA eBooks. Please contact the AHA directly with any questions. 

AHA's Customer Support Information

1-888-AHA-8883 (1-888-242-8883)

Phone lines available 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST, Monday - Thursday and 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. CST, Friday

Step 1 – Click the login button at eBooks.heart.org

 ebook 1

Step 2 – Enter existing account details or choose “Create an account”.

ebook 2

 Step 3 – Redeem your access code by clicking on the “Redeem” icon and entering your CaSE SEnsITIvE CoDE.

ebook 3

Step 4 – Read your book by choosing the book from your Bookshelf and click on the ‘Read Online’ next to the title you wish you read. The eBook will open in a new browser tab where you can immediately begin reading.

ebook 4   Remember to Download eBook BEFORE Class


Access AHA eBooks online, offline or anytime through mobile devices and tablets by using the free AHA eBook reader apps on iTunes and Google Play. Learners are highly encouraged to download the app and download the eBook before attending their class/session because many training locations may not have public internet access. Of course once the eBook is downloaded, the learner will not need internet access to use the eBook. You can read more information about the AHA eBook app here.

Can I Reschedule my class or skill session for another time?

Yes you can! Our CLASS REGISTRATION POLICY captures how we address rescheduling requests. You can also simply go to our RESCHEDULE REQUEST form to get your request started.