What is a Training Satellite?

Training SatelliteThe word partnership summarizes how the CPR Training Company establishes a Training Satellite. As an authorized American Heart Association (AHA) training provider, the CPR Training Company specializes in supporting an AHA Instructor cohort from within your organization through an ongoing train the trainer model. Our Training Satellites are empowered to offer classes when they need and with their own employees fulfilling the AHA Instructor role. Say good-bye to inflexible training oversight and hello to a partnership focused on your community-oriented training goals. Our Training Satellites operate under the authorization of our AHA TC. The following minimum requirements apply:

Training Satellite Requirements

  • You have a business legal name already established
  • The business agrees to teach AHA courses in accordance with the official AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC
  • Maintain at two AHA Instructors who train more than a combined 100 people each year
  • The business agrees to own and maintain all equipment needed for teaching AHA courses, including manikins that meet feedback device requirements
  • Meets minimum technical requirements
    • Maintains knowledge of and effectively uses AHA Training Network applications, such as the AHA Instructor Network, eCards, eLearning, or eBooks
    • Uses the CPR Training Company’s online tools and resources, including posting classes on the CPR Training Company’s registration system and submitting rosters through the online portal of choice
  • Appoint a site coordinator who meets the defined position requirements and who is approved by the CPR Training Company
  • Have a physical address at which most class occur or which you operate the business

How do I purchase the online HeartCode segment?

Navigating the online training world can be confusing. Every vendor seems to have a slightly different step by step process and frankly it gets confusing. The following directions will help you better understand how to navigate the online segment and hands on skill session for the American Heart Association HeartCode option.


Some of our skill sessions offer the online segment as part of the fee (you can add the online segment during checkout). Its ok if you do not purchase the key from the CPR Training Company (really it's ok)

You must complete the online segment before coming to a hands on session. The online HeartCode segments from the American Heart Association can be used for both initial and renewal certifications. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1 – Purchase and access the online segment by clicking here (unless it's included in our class fee)
  • Step 2 – Complete the online course of your choice
  • Step 3 – Print out, and bring a hard copy of your course completion certificate to your hands on skills session

All earners will receive a AHA eCard upon successful completion of both the online segment and the instructor led skill session.