What is the difference between HeartCode and classroom?

This question, or some variation of it, is a common question we are asked all the time. Heartcode vs Classroom

As the side image shows, there are two tracks to consider when it comes to American Heart Association training. The two tracks are either or options, meaning you pick one or the other option because both tracks lead to the same AHA certification card.

“But my school (or employer) requires me to only attend a class and not take an online class” you say. Um ok but the concept behind the "rule" fails to take into account two specific AHA concepts.

• First both the HeartCode and classroom options use the same exact educational material (same videos, same written test, etc.). What you see in a class and what you see online are the same, only the location changes.

• Second the same course completion card is issued for either option (HeartCode and classroom). For all practical reasons the rule cannot be enforced simply by looking at your AHA course completion card.

The track you decide to follow is up to you and your budget. The CPR Training Company is here to support both HeartCode and AHA classroom options.