There could be a few details which prevent your eCard from reaching you. Please understand the card will not come from the CPR Training Company. Instead the email (with directions on how to claim your eCard) comes directly from the American Heart Association’s email servers. Here are a few questions to answer before connecting with us on your eCard...

  • What email address did you use during the class/skill session registration process? This is the email we tell the AHA to send the eCard to and sometimes learners use an obscure/old email address.
  • Was the email provided during the class/skill session registration process correctly formatted? You would be surprised how often the supplied email was jane.doe@some domain when it should have been janedoe@some domain.
  • Did you get an email from the CPR Training Company after the registration process? If you didn’t get an email from the CPR Training Company confirming your registration, you likely didn’t put in your email correctly and you'll not get an email from the AHA's eCard system.

As you can see it is important to have an accurate and commonly used email on file! If you have not received your card yet, contact your local CPR Training Company store so we can troubleshoot on our end. As a general rule about 99.9% of the time we do not encounter any issues with the AHA’s eCard system.