Easy & Simple

CPR Instructor Maintenance

  • Complete an instructor update process (in person and online options available)
  • Complete all instructor updates required by the oversight bodies (i.e. AHA) and CTC
  • Teach at least four classes every two years*
  • Maintain your provider status

Ongoing Teaching Requirement

The AHA requires instructors teach at least four classes every two years. Therefore the CPR Training Company requires instructors to teach at least two classes a year at a CPR Training Company location or at a CPR Training Company endorsed class. This helps the instructor remain proficient in teaching content and supports AHA classes sponsored by the CPR Training Company. We warmly welcome instructors who will be teaching for employers or who want to build a single person training business (both are examples of classes we sponsor). If space and equipment are issues, our instructors can hourly rent a classroom space in Martinsburg, WV (includes equipment!).

*Instructors are responsible for developing their own classes and they can use classes they teach for the CPR Training Company towards this requirment.