CPR Instructor TimelineAcceptance as an instructor candidate is not guaranteed and is a competitive process. We require that the instructor candidate have at least six months left on their provider card so they are not faced with losing their provider status during the instructor development process. Plus the AHA has a specific timeline during which the instructor candidate must successfully complete all the instructor development steps. The instructor candidate must successfully complete the following within six months of the online Instructor Essentials course completion date:

  • Pass the instructor class
  • Successfully demonstrate teaching a class in the lead instructor role (for basic classes) or in the course director role for advanced classes (ACLS/PALS).

TCF, at a minimum, will observe the first class taught and submit a completed course monitoring form to be kept in the instructor’s file. Upon completion of all the above steps, the instructor candidate will receive an instructor card (good for two years) and the new instructor can teach without supervision.