Thank you for your interest in becoming an instructor. Our business model is designed to both large organizations looking to develop their own internal instructor cohort and individuals looking for a for-profit training partner. This is a competitive process and not every application will be accepted.

CTC AHA Instructor Badge

While BLS (and Heartsaver) instructors are encouraged to develop their own BLS Provider and/or Heartsaver CPR classes, ACLS and PALS instructor candidates generally teach at one of our existing satellite locations or at one of our training partner locations. To become an AHA Instructor, candidates must:

  • Be at least 16 years old (for Heartsaver, BLS) and 18 years old (for ACLS, PALS)
  • Have a current AHA certification card in the desired Instructor Course they want to attend
  • Be proficient in the skills of the chosen discipline (BLS, ACLS, PALS, etc.)
  • Strong preference is given to candidates who are active healthcare providers

Steps to Becoming an AHA Instructor at the CPR Training Company

We expect each instructor candidate will be 100% self motivated, desire to become a model instructor, and be morally/ethically straight in all dealings. Our instructor development process is intentionally designed to be driven by the instructor candidate. The CPR Training Company will not enable candidates by waving deadlines, sending requests for missing items, etc..Those looking to simply pad a resume with an instructor status need not apply. If you meet the above basic AHA prerequisites, there are several steps to becoming an AHA instructor at the CPR Training Company. Our Training Center and the AHA Program Administration Manual determine these steps.

  1. Start by setting up an Instructor Candidate Account (aka iCandidate Account) - Comming Soon!
  2. Complete the Instructor Candidate Application inside your iCandidate Account
  3. Successfully complete the discipline-specific Instructor Essentials online course and print/bring the course completion certificate
  4. Successfully complete the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course or Instructor Mentoring Process 
  5. Successfully be monitored teaching your first class and complete all other instructor development steps within six (6) months after being accepted into an Instructor Course.


Acceptance as an instructor candidate is not guaranteed and is a competitive process. If you are accepted, as an instructor candidate, the following timeline is important to understand:

  • Approved instructor candidates will have up to nine (9) months, from the time of application approval, to enroll in one of the CPR Training Company’s instructor classes. If they do not enroll in an instructor class (within 9 months), the application will expire and the application process will start over from the beginning. Application fees are not refunded.
  • Fast forward to the final steps of the instructor development….after completing an instructor class, instructor candidates must complete the final steps (being observed teaching) within six (6) months of the instructor class. If they do not complete the final steps within six (6) months of their instructor class, their instructor candidate status will expire and they will need to start over from the beginning. Fees are not refunded.

Once you become an Instructor

  • You will have access to training resources and tools through the online AHA Instructor Network and the CPR Training Company
  • BLS/Heartsaver instructors will be able to conduct courses anywhere in the United States, while ACLS and PALS instructors will be able to teach classes at the CPR Training Company or a CPR Training Company CPR Training Satellite.

Steps to Keeping Your AHA Instructor Status at the CPR Training Company

  • Attend an instructor update with our Training Center Faculty or online
  • Complete all instructor updates required by the oversight body (i.e. AHA)
  • Teach four classes every two years
  • ACLS and PALS Instructors are required to teach at least two classes per year at a CPR Training Company location or CPR Training Satellite

Equipment Rental

BLS and Heartsaver instructors will find it worth investing in their own equipment, while ACLS and PALS instructors will use the equipment provide at one of the CPR Training Company locations or their CPR Training Satellite. At this time the CPR Training Company does not rent or loan out our training equipment.


The CPR Training Company is a for-profit education company. Therefore there is a yearly admin fee charged and/or a requirement to teach a minimum number of classes to cover administrative support service costs. Many times this fee is paid by an employer or by teaching a class for us but if not, the instructor will need to factor this fee into their decision to join the CPR Training Company. The CPR Training Company also charges a per card fee for each course completion card issued. Please contact us for more information.