• After successfully completing the required content, your instructor will enter your first name, last name, and email address (as you entered it when you registered) into the AHA’s eCard system.
  • You will receive an email directly from the AHA (not the instructor or the CPR Training Company). The email will provide you with a specific link to start the brief eCard claiming process. If you do not receive this email, please check your Spam or Junk folders prior to alerting us or your Instructor.AHA eCard Email Example
  • You must claim your eCard in order to print the eCard. Once claimed, the card can be accessed anytime by going back to the same link found in AHA your email or by going directly to the AHA’s eCard siteeCard site.
  • It is extremely important that you claim your eCard within a day or so of receiving the AHA email because the email’s link may stop working in about two weeks. Once the card is cliamed there is no need for the link.


1. Go to https://ecards.heart.org/student/myecardshttps://ecards.heart.org/student/myecards

2. Have the learner enter their unique ecard code in the "Have your eCard Code?" field 

eCard FAQs

    • When will I get my eCard? We empower our instructors to issue eCards within seconds of successfully completing the required content. However the American Heart Association tells us we have up to 21 days to issue a eCard. If you need a card quickly, please consult with your instructor regarding when you will receive your eCard.
    • Can I get both an eCard and a printed card? - No. Per the AHA only one AHA course completion card can be issued for each successfully completed course. Learners can print out an unlimited number of free copies once they claim their eCard.
    • Can I get my eCard edited? Yes. The CPR Training Company can only edit the name found on the card. However the learner must claim the card before we can edit the eCard. Please submit a eCard edit request by contact us.
    • Is there a way employers can verify the authenticity of an AHA eCard? - Yes, employers will want to verify that an eCard is authentic by entering the card information at www.heart.org/cpr/mycards.