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Instructor Class Sponsor

We get it! Sometimes it’s just not possible for your staff to come to one of our AHA or ASHI First Aid, CPR, BLS, ACLS, or PALS instructor classes. That’s why we offer a sponser program so organizations can sponsor an instructor class at their location.

Course Length:

BLS Instructor - 1 Day (about 8 total clock hours)

ACLS Instructor – 2 Days (about 16 total clock hours)

PALS Instructor – 2 Days (about 16 total clock hours)

Actual course time may be longer for sponsored classes if incorporating location specific information & activities.

Course Format:

Our instructor classes are taught at your location by highly experienced Training Center Faculty who are well versed in Adult Learning Theory. Our faculty, acting as both mentor and subject matter expert, merge instructor development content and DVD content with simulated learning events.


American Heart Association Instructor (AHA) or American Health and Safety Health Institute (ASHI); valid 2 years from successful final observation)


  • Starting Summer 2019 all instructor disciplines will complete an online CPR Training Company Training Center orientation class.
  • Have current AHA provider status (aka current provider card) in the discipline for the Instructor Course you will attend and be proficient in all the skills of that discipline. AHA disciplines include Heartsaver, BLS, PEARS, PALS, ACLS and ACLS EP.
  • Successfully teach a class, under supervision (aka monitoring), within six months of completing the discipline-specific classroom Instructor Course.
Instructor Alignment:

In order to teach, instructors must align with a Training Center.  Instructors developed under the CPR Training Company’s Instructor Class Sponsorship program will be aligned with the CPR Training Company and provide classes and skill sessions under the CPR Training Company’s American Heart Association (AHA) and American Health and Safety Health Institute (ASHI) Training Center(s).

What is instructor alignment? Instructor alignment is a term used to define the relationship between the instructor and the instructor’s Training Center. Instructor alignment is simply a way of defining both the relationship and accountability of the relationship between the instructor and the national oversight body.

Additionally AHA and ASHI instructor certification is granted, maintained, and renewed under specific criteria established by the AHA and ASHI. The actual instructor certification, maintenance, and renewal process is operationally enacted by the AHA and ASHI Training Center or the Training Center designee. 

In summary a simple partnership must be formed between the Sponsoring Agency and the CPR Training Company so that the Sponsoring Agency’s instructors can obtain and maintain their instructor status and issue course completion cards.

These comprehensive courses meet and exceed the standards set forth by the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI).

Sponsoring an Instructor Course

From time to time we have groups or organizations (such as Assisted Care Facilities, EMS Agencies, Hospitals, and medical groups, etc.) who want to offer either an AHA or ASHI Instructor class for their members and/or the general public. We warmly welcome the chance to organize and conduct a course for your group.

If your group or organization is interested in sponsoring a course, please note that the minimum number of participants we require is 6 and the maximum is 12 because small group dynamics are essential in these classes. We realize that some groups and organizations wishing to sponsor a course may not have 6 participants so and we will be happy to work with you to help fill unused seats.


Sponsor Class

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We schedule our sponsored AHA Instructor courses at least four months in advance. Finding and booking the course location (facilities, lodging, etc.) is solely the responsibility of the sponsor. If you do not have a location arranged, we will be glad to work with you to help find a nearby solution. Please note that on multi-day courses, we do not permit a change in location from day to day or within the time-frame of the course

All courses require a classroom with tables, chairs, PowerPoint projection, DVD, and TV as well as space for skills practice - in addition a second room or secluded area in which to do practice scenarios and simulations is highly encouraged.

The instructor classes work best if conducted over a weekend. However we understand weekends may not work for all groups so we try to be flexible in working around the schedules of instructors and learners. We can also add a BLS instructor class to an ACLS or PALS instructor weekend:

• Friday - BLS Instructor Class
• Saturday & Sunday – ACLS or PALS Instructor Class


  • BLS Instructor Class - $300/person**
  • ACLS Instructor Class - $500/person**
  • PALS Instructor Class - $600/person**

For all courses that are taught within driving distance of Martinsburg, WV (between 50 and 200 miles), we charge (round trip) the current GSA mileage rate per mile for each vehicle (typically one or two). If the course is located within 35 miles of Martinsburg, WV, we do not charge mileage. We also request meals and lodging for our instructors be provided from the evening before your course through the morning after your course if the class is over 75 miles away from Martinsburg, WV.
If you are unable to provide housing and food, we request a $30 per Diem (per instructor/per day) for meals for the duration of the course; as well as reimbursement for any incurred lodging expenses.

We encourage sponsoring organizations to earn revenue through the event via course tuition (we can help collect payment via credit card if needed).
We do support courses more than 200 miles from our base in Martinsburg, WV. However the distance poses a scheduling conflict since most of our instructors are part-time instructors who work full time jobs. We require the sponsor pay any air or train fares, rental car fees, as well as any meals and travel expenses incurred by the instructor(s) in-route to and from your course location. We also request the same amenities as mentioned above (meals & lodging during the course of the entire program).

Instructor candidates, while able to teach at any location deemed appropriate by the sponsoring agency, will primarily align with the CPR Training Company’s Training Center for at least two years. A $1,500/instructor early termination fee will apply for instructors who transfer their instructor status to another TC within the first two years.

**There is a minimum or base fee for every instructor class. We charge a base fee of $1,800 for a BLS Instructor class, $3,000 for an ACLS Instructor Class, and $3,600 for PALS Instructor class; regardless of how few attend. Our base fee includes the first 6 seats. Additional seats can be added to a class on a per student basis and with justification. Contact us for a final cost. Again the base fee is charged regardless of how few attend. However if there are seven or more attending and a learner cancels within 7 or more days before the class start date/ start time, we will provide a full refund. There is no refund provided if there is sever or fewer days’ notice.