The CPR Training Company’s Corporate CPR Training Satellites are specifically designed to provide your organization an affordable, stable, and sustainable CPR training solution. Your organization will be empowered to offer internal CPR classes in the corporate setting with your own employees fulfilling the instructor role. In fact we will help your organization design an American Heart training solution for Heartsaver, BLS, ACLS, and/or PALS training.

Training Satellite

The CPR Training Company specializes in developing a First Aid, CPR, BLS, ACLS, and/or PALS Instructor cohort from within your organization through an ongoing train the trainer model. This empowers our Corporate CPR Training Satellites to offer classes when they need and with their own employees fulfilling the AHA Instructor role.

Developing & Supporting American Heart Instructors

Do you feel unsure of your teaching abilities? Are you afraid you will say the wrong thing? Our own instructor feedback tells us many instructor development processes fail to help instructors learn what really matters. Our subject matter experts are here to help you learn the art of teaching CPR. With everything from paid coaching sessions to blog and video blogs we will help you succeed.

CPR Equipment Purchases and Support

You can bring your own CPR training equipment (so long as your equipment meets all oversight standards) or benefit from our bulk purchase agreements to reduce your equipment prices. We will help you with equipment compliance and oversight regulations without going broke.

Subject Mater Experts Who Support Your CPR Training Needs

Our mission is to simply support resuscitation training, specifically CPR. Put another way our mission is not a sub-mission and we are not a department of some large hospital or medical group. While you could partner with your local health system, hospital, etc. please understand they are rightly focused on supporting their own training needs and interests. The CPR Company is different. We are specifically in the business of to developing a training infrastructure for your CPR training needs.

CPR Training Satellite Categories

Heart IconHospitals (Add Disciplines like ACLS and PALS)

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Heavy Industry

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EMS Agencies

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OSHA Certified Industries 

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Government Agencies

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Assisted Living Facilities

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Logging Companies

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Warehouse Workforce

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Manufacturing Plants

Still not sure? 

The bottom line is we are talking about your organization seeing a 60% reduction in CPR training costs, increased flexibility, and control over class quality.