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Our office and support team will be on a retreat from July 13 through July 21st. Support staff will follow up on requests upon their return. Thank you for your understanding.

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The CPR Training Company is devoted to providing individuals and corporations with access to high quality CPR instructors, CPR instructor classes, and all the American Heart Training options. VIEW OUR CLASS CALENDAR to see the classes and skill sessions our instructors offer or contact us to learn more.

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AHA Instructor Classes

AHA Instructor Classes

The CPR Training Company specializes in American Heart Association (AHA) Instructor Development and our AHA Instructor Academy is designed to support both large organizations (looking to develop their own internal instructor cohort) and individuals looking for a training partner who will help them grow.

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TC Support Services

Training Center Support Services

Training Centers face many challenges and our Training Center Services are designed to partner with one or more of your unique needs:

Roster & Learner Data Collection

eCard Processing & Distribution

Online Community Class Management

Instructor File Management

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