The AHA failed to efficiently migrate its eCard and instructor websites and is overwhelmed with pressing failures. There are worldwide and significant issues impacting every AHA instructor. All ecard and instructor functions continue to not work. The AHA is providing updates on the following website Locally we have stood up a command center to sift through and address priority issues we can control; please give us time to determine the issue and find a fix. Thank you for your patience over the coming weeks.

CPR Training Company

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The CPR Training Company's name states our mission and purpose and is demonstrated by developing and supporting American Heart Association Instructors in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Corporate CPR Training Satellites

The word partnership summarizes how a Corporate CPR Training Satellite operates. The CPR Training Company specializes in developing your staff into American Heart Association instructors, resulting in significant savings and increased flexibility.

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Public Satellites

Public CPR Training Company Satellites offer classes open to the public across the Mid-Atlantic Region. Check out these locations for all your BLS, ACLS, PALS, or Heartsaver training needs.

Winchester, VA

21 W Cecil St
Winchester, VA 22601

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Frederick, MD

310 Aviation Way, 2nd Floor
Frederick, MD 21701

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Classroom Learning

AHA Classroom

Classroom Learning: in-person, AHA instructor-led class with nothing completed online.

Blended Learning

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Blended learning: AHA eLearning course, HeartCode, or On-Line Course + in-person, AHA instructor-led, hands-on learning experience.

aha authorized provider CPR Training Company, LLC is an authorized American Heart Association (AHA) training provider. We conduct CPR, First Aid, BLS, ACLS, and PALS classes; administer AHA instructor classes, and oversee AHA Instructors across the Mid-Atlantic Region. Tuition fees are used to defray the administrative and operational costs associated with our AHA program. Fees for AHA training do not represent income to the American Heart Association and in some cases; may not represent income for the CPR Training Company.