Workplace CPR & First Aid Training

From our classroom to your workplace, our workplace CPR, First Aid, BLS, ACLS, and PALS class options are designed to meet your basic and advanced CPR training needs. Connect with us to find out how we can develop American Heart CPR, ACLS, or PALS classes and ongoing training options at your location.

Benefits of Workplace CPR Training

  • Location 

    With the training done on the company’s premises, employees save valuable time, which otherwise would have been lost on commuting from another location to the CPR trainer.

  • Flexibility

    On-site CPR training also allows organizations to make last-minute changes. For example a manager may need to add a new employee at the last moment or offer a variety of start times, reducing the impact on operations.

  • Privacy Enhances Learning

    Privacy supports a corporate learning environment. Employees can speak about employer-specific emergency policies or real-life workplace CPR experiences. In short, members can share delicate organizational data and be utilized as training illustrations amid intuitive and confidential workplace CPR classes.

  • Workplace-Specific Emergency Equipment Orientation

    While community CPR classes are specifically designed to train to the lowest common denominator, workplace CPR classes are designed to cover workplace emergency protocols and equipment. Workplace-specific topics include calling for help, how your Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) works, and who to contact after an employee provides CPR.

Take a Test Drive

CPR Class

You can take our workplace CPR training option for a test drive. Many of our instructors will match any existing training provider's price so your organization can evaluate their work. They'll need to see a past-paid invoice to match the price.

Our Approach - We Listen!

Put our team before your decision-makers, and we will listen to your CPR training needs. We then incorporate your CPR training needs into your workplace CPR Training Plan. For example, you may benefit from our beta-testing class start times so you can strike a balance between attendance and reducing the impact on productivity.

Get An Estimate

With just a few bits of information, we can help give you an estimate for an individual workplace CPR class. Of course, we look forward to offering frequent and ongoing CPR classes for your workplace. Contact us today to discuss an ongoing workplace CPR training proposal.

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